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BankSpaces is an invite-only retreat exploring the future of physical bank branches.

The future of banking isn’t merely in mobile apps; it’s in the delicate balance between online convenience and physical presence. As digital banking flourishes, the physical branch continues to stand tall. Why? Because human experiences and how we interact with physical spaces matter. Because design matters. Because innovation is not about erasing the old but reshaping it with a creative vision.

Welcome to BankSpaces

An invite-only retreat for leaders forging the future of bank design and construction. It’s a gathering for those who aren’t afraid to ask, “What will the branch of tomorrow look like?” We’ll explore their designs, formats, technologies, and the very essence that makes them more than physical locations but connecting points for people.

Why BankSpaces?

Strategic Focus

An exploration of the design and formats that will define the future of retail branches.


Limited to an exclusive group, fostering real connections between all participants.

No Wasted Time

One-on-one meetings, supported by an app that intelligently matches banking leaders with vendors relevant to their needs.


Insights that transcend trends, diving into how design, tech, and human experience intertwine to redefine bank branches.


One of the best conferences I’ve been to! The perfect blend of inspirational speakers, open and honest round table discussions, and time for networking and meeting new vendors!”

 Director, Concepts & Design Development – Walgreens  

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